The R.E.M. Residential Difference

R.E.M. Residential’s extensive experience and exclusive focus on managing rental properties makes us unique in the industry. Our team and family atmosphere will put you and your tenants at ease, while providing unparalleled service of not only maintaining, but most importantly increasing your investment’s value.


Our client retention strategy is simple-we help our clients improve the financial performance of their assets. It is exactly this simplicity of management that has resulted in R.E.M.’s expanding clientele and their success.

In the real estate industry of New York, the key to a thriving and lucrative property investment is your management company. A management company improves a property from its foundation to its roof, and R.E.M. does just that. An effective management company does not merely collect rent and engage in “drive by management“, but works with its employees, tenants and clients to enhance their portfolio. R.E.M. uses every available resource to manage the needs and wants of our clients as well as their residents.


R.E.M,’s conducts annual tours of Eastern Consolidated’s buildings for junior brokers. We demonstrate what to look for when selling a property. We explain everything from going up on the roof to scrutinizing the boiler.


At R.E.M. Residential, we think like landlords. Gone are the days of wondering if things are going well. We provide detailed reporting, visit your properties more often than you can, and we bring landlords together to make group purchases and big decisions.We are experts at reviving distressed properties, and believe it is our responsibility to ensure your property’s success.



NYARM awarded R.E.M. Residential with “Trailblazer of the Year” in 2014, and “Property Management Company of The Year” in 2016. We are members of NYARM, RSA, Landlords NY, CHIP. Most importantly, we care about our clients and their tenants, and our dedication has been acknowledged with great reviews and high ratings on Yelp, Google and Facebook.


Whether you are very involved in your property or live out of town and need us to handle all aspects from A to Z, R.E.M Residential is the Management Company for you.

How You Benefit With R.E.M. Residential

  • All-in pricing – never worry about unexpected management fees again
  • With R.E.M.’s careful management, in a short time our fees pay for themselves
  • You will get a dedicated property manager who is available 24/7
  • The R.E.M staff work as a team, so you never have to worry about your property manager being away sick or on vacation
  • All R.E.M. staff are skilled, professional and trained. We love what we do and there is virtually no staff turnover, so you will enjoy a long standing relationship with us.
  • Our Property Managers are hands-on, and visit properties regularly
  • You will be provided a written report of all visits, and the status of your building monthly (or more often if necessary)
  • Customized reporting is available at the touch of a button using our Yardi software
  • Rent Regulation Experts: Our team participates in continuing education and are experienced in dealing with tenant cases. While we make every effort to avoid court, we tend to prevail with the outcomes.
  • Our expertise increasing rent rolls and tremendously lowering expenses is proven in every property that we manage.
  • Open door policy – both you and your tenants are welcome to call or visit at any time. We treat everyone with respect and the care they deserve.
  • Free Real Estate Division – this includes market research, property listings, tenant screening, and lease preparation.
  • Expert handling of both residential and retail properties
  • Whether your property is small or large, you get the same exceptional service

We are open to discussion and are flexible so if you have special or unconventional requests, our specialty is to devise and institute a plan of action that will accommodate your needs.

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R.E.M. is a truly unique management company .  Unlike other companies we specialize in rental property management and all that entails. R.E.M. is recognized in the industry as trailblazers in our field. We pioneered a management system that creates ground breaking results. Our exclusive system not only improves performance of the buildings we manage, but the surrounding neighborhood as well. Ask us how!

  • We Love what we do

    It is a very pleasant and distinctive feeling  to get help from someone who loves doing what they do. Your experience at R.E.M. will always be stellar because we have a great team who are passionate, committed and waiting to help you and your tenants.

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  • We Are Innovative

    Forget Cookie Cutter Management. All owners are different. All properties and circumstances are different. We respect and enjoy those differences and tailor our services and plans to your needs and those of your tenants.

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  • Rent Regulations Experts

    AT R.E.M. we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Real Estate industry. We are known as experts in rent regulation laws. Our staff is professional, trained and participate in a variety of industry related continuing education programs.

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  • Proactive and Responsive

    At R.E.M., we not only respond quickly and efficiently, we proactively correct issues before they become problems. Our solutions are always cost effective while being best for tenant stability and the long term condition of the property.

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  • We are Transparent

    R.E.M. goes above and beyond the industry standard norms of management companies. We update you frequently without asking, and you can reach us easily anytime by phone or walk in. We consistently outperform expectations.

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  • We are Hands on

    Weekly visits to your property – check! Detailed written foundation-to-roof monthly reports – check! Property managers on a first name basis with all your tenants – check! R.E.M. is actively involved in every aspect of your building.

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