About R.E.M. Residential

R.E.M. Residential specializes in rental property management and is recognized in the industry as trailblazers in our field. We pioneered a management system that creates groundbreaking results. Our exclusive system not only improves performance of the buildings we manage, but the surrounding neighborhood as well.


At R.E.M. Residential, We Bring Owners and Landlords What They Value Most – Profitability and Peace of Mind


R.E.M. Residential is a truly unique property management company. The owner, Rick Elezi, has founded and grown the business with a core concept of transparency. Every aspect of R.E.M.’s operations are disclosed to clients and tenants, and the results have been astounding and groundbreaking.  It is not uncommon to see a 200% increase in rent roll within a few years, while expenses decrease and property conditions improve.


R.E.M. Residential is a family business and with true European charm, every person to enter our sphere is welcomed as a member of a close-knit family.  Our staff are friendly and approachable and are always easy to access. R.E.M. Residential is unique in that we introduce our clients to each other and encourage collaboration and camaraderie. Our clients are frequently invited to join in meetings on building issues. Not only does open communication offer clients the opportunity to learn from each other, it allows for brainstorming of best practices and new ideas.


“ R.E.M. Residential was awarded NYARM’s 2014 Trailblazer of the Year Award, and 2016’s Property Management Company of the Year Award. Our unique business approach has been recognized by a panel of leaders in our industry as well as our clients. Our commitment is to always raising the bar, and ensuring our clients’ profitability and success.

R.E.M. offers Landlords of  both large and small properties the same level of quality service.


Our honesty, transparency and customer service have earned a stellar reputation among building owners in New York City.

R.E.M.’s  innovative management techniques and state-of-the-art reporting procedures are sure to bring security and success to your properties, both large and small.  At R.E.M. Residential we bring Owners and Landlords what they value most: profitability and peace of mind.


Each member of the R.E.M. team brings valuable experience with both small and large management firms to our clients. R.E.M.’s unique team of property management experts bring a rare combination of passion, enthusiasm and personal commitment to the table. They have devoted their careers to the real estate industry, working tirelessly to ensure that every detail of the buildings we manage are handled efficiently, professionally and flawlessly.  R.E.M. has one of the most successful track records in effective building management in the business today.


R.E.M. was founded in 2000. Since then the company has grown dramatically, expanding to include over 60 buildings throughout Manhattan and the outer boroughs. Our clients respond well to our business practice as they see the value of their properties climb without them exerting any effort.

With a reputation for meticulous management and scrupulous honesty, it is no surprise that our first client is still a loyal client.


Call R.E.M. Residential at (212) 260-8060 today find out how R.E.M. will get the results you need.