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  • R.E.M. Residential is one of New York’s preeminent real estate management companies with a focus on managing rental buildings for investors.

    At R.E.M., we adhere to a set of core values that form the cornerstone of our reputation: accountability, integrity and a dedication to an “old school” work ethic that commits us to delivering on every client obligation in a professional and timely fashion.

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Our extensive experience and exclusive focus on managing rental properties makes us unique in the industry. General business knowledge of our competition does not substitute for the specific expertise of R.E.M.

Today’s sophisticated manager understands the importance of leveraging the soundest business practices and latest technology to increase efficiency and provide all pertinent information to owners. By employing this approach, we ensure that our building-owner clients are fully apprised, every moment, on what is happening in their buildings.

R.E.M. offers owners a stability in management that they have long sought, but not often found. We take great pride in how diligently we cover the basics: if you work with R.E.M., files will not get lost; tenants' records will always be at our fingertips — precisely and accurately filed. Issues will not fall through the cracks; permits, MBRs and Fuel Cost adjustments will be filed correctly and any (rarely occurring) violations will be cleared promptly.